Student Life

Environmental Care Club

The Environmental Care Club carries out monthly projects aimed at solving environmental problems. Volunteer students from Baku Higher Oil School also participate in the implementation of these projects. The Club officially represents Baku Higher Oil School in various activities aimed at solving such global issues by either providing organizational support to these activities or involving BHOS student in them. The projects are mainly aimed at supporting reprocessing activities and raising awareness of environmental issues. The Club’s activities are not limited to supporting environmental protection-related events, but are also aimed at ensuring the active participation of BHOS students in social events. By establishing friendly relations with other volunteers, BHOS students develop their communication and teamwork skills. In in this context, Baku Higher Oil School, which is innovative in every field, will become one of the educational institutions in the country that hold special campaigns and educational events related to environmental protection.


1. The Environmental Care Club collaborated with the Conversation Club on December 7 to host a joint project focused on the theme of "Environment." The aim of this initiative was to delve into discussions about environmental issues, which hold global significance in our lives. Furthermore, a "gift activity" was included as part of the project. 

2.On December 3, our club actively participated in a tree planting project dedicated to the "Year of Shusha" at the BHOS campus. This endeavor involved the collective efforts of our club's volunteers and board of directors, resulting in the planting of 85 trees.

3. The motivation behind launching the "Eco Bag" project stems from the detrimental effects of plastic packaging on the environment, as well as the prevalent habit of littering among people. Furthermore, the project addresses concerns regarding the environmental impact of bag production and disposal.