Competitiveness fosters striving for success amongst students

Ismet Aghayev was born in 1998 in Chagajig village of Guba region. He studied at various schools, beginning with Chagajig village Primary School in 2004 and graduating from Guba Technical Lyceum where he studied in experimental pilot classes in 2015.

In 2013 Ismet won a silver medal at the National Math Contest and a silver medal at the 17th Junior Balkan Math Contest held in Turkey. In 2014 Ismet was awarded Encouragement Prize during the 10th International Jautikov Contest held in Kazakhstan and won the third place during the National Math Contest. The 31st Balkan Math Contest held in Bulgaria brought an Encouragement Prize to Ismet. He got the same prize during the 55th International Math Contest held in South Africa in 2014. Winning a gold medal during the national contest Ismet became the bearer of the title “Best of the Best”. The same year he won a bronze medal during the 32nd Balkan Math Contest that took place in Greece.

In 2015, gathering 695 points during the entrance exam conducted by the State Students’ Admission Commission (SSAC) Ismet was admitted to study in BHOS Process Automation Engineering Programme and was awarded the Presidential Scholarship.


- Ismet, what were your trial test results? Did you believe that you would be able to gather high points during the entrance exam?


- I attended two trial tests and consequently gathered 565 and 649 points. I did not attend the third and the fourth ones, as I joined some national and international contests. Of course, I had a full confidence in myself as my family and friends did, and this was very encouraging.


- Why did you choose BHOS and what guided you in making your choice?


- The main factors in my choice were my interest in engineering and the recognition of the higher school. Despite functioning only for four years, BHOS always takes lead positions in the national universities ranking table. This aspect also turned to be a reason of my choice.


- What would you advise to prospective students willing to study at BHOS? How do you assess quality of education here?


- They should set a goal being capable to follow “I can do it” motto. Availability of students with high points generates the atmosphere of competition at BHOS and competitiveness fosters striving for success amongst the students.


- Where do you see yourself in future?


- I see myself as a professional engineer. Certainly, I will do my best to achieve this. I would love to be a SOCAR engineer.


- What about your leisure? Do you have some hobbies?


- I like watching TV and surfing internet in search of information about interesting and extraordinary facts. I like playing football, as football has always been my favorite game since my childhood. I always follow international football competitions.


- Do you have any interest in humanitarian sciences, literature for instance?


- Even being fond of technical sciences, I do have interest in humanitarian ones. For me, poetry is more attractive than prose.