‘Ahmed Javad-130 years’ event held at Baku Higher Oil School

Baku Higher Oil School (HOS) has held an event on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the birth of Ahmad Javad, a prominent representative of Azerbaijani literature, great poet, well-known educator and public figure.

Opening the event, Head of the Career and Student Affairs Department of BHOS, Emil Aslanli, said that in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "On the celebration of 130th anniversary of Ahmad Javad ", a number of events had been held at Baku Higher Oil School. He emphasized that these events were of great importance in terms of educating young people.

BHOS Vice-Rector Oktay Rzayev spoke about the activities of the independence poet and educator Ahmad Javad, which had been engraved in the history of Azerbaijan, and his struggle for independence. The vice-rector noted that it is the moral duty of every citizen to keep alive the memory of the author of the words of our National Anthem, which is one of our state attributes.

Associate Professor of Baku Higher School, PhD in History Alamdar Shahverdiyev, spoke about the life and creativity of Ahmet Javad, his participation in the Balkan War, joining the Caucasus Volunteer Group in Istanbul, charity work, and his active involvement in the establishment and defense of the Republic. He said that Ahmet Javad was an independence poet who dedicated his whole life to the independence and freedom of Azerbaijan, and was the truth voice of Azerbaijan.

“Ahmad Javad, who called for struggle in his every word and wanted to see Azerbaijan independent and its people happy and free, played a great role in the formation of national ideology”.

Alamdar Shahverdiyev added that it is important to study the activity and keep alive the memory of the great poet and public figure who had left a deep mark on the history and literature of Azerbaijan.


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