Student ID cards presented to first-year students of Baku Higher Oil School

Students who were admitted to Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) for the 2022/2023 academic year have been issued student ID cards.

On this occasion, under the leadership of Rector Elmar Gasimov and with the participation of employees of various departments of BHOS, a large event was organized, which was attended by 1-st year (Foundation) students and their parents, as well as directors of high schools from which these students graduated.

The ceremony, which began with the performance of the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan, continued with a video showing the participation of President Ilham Aliyev in the opening of the campus of Baku Higher Oil School and his views on the university.

Opening the event with an introductory speech, Rector of Baku Higher Oil School Elmar Gasimov first honored the memory of Patriotic War Shahids. The rector congratulated the students of the preparatory course, who entered BHOS this year, and their parents, and wished them success. In his speech, Elmar Gasimov gave detailed information about the achievements, indicators and graduates of the university, emphasizing that the most educated, knowledgeable and capable applicants who win first places in national and international olympiads and graduate from a high school with a gold medal or a honor certificate choose to study at Baku Higher Oil School.

“Baku Higher Oil School was established within the structure of SOCAR by the Decree of Mr. President Ilham Aliyev. Over the 11 years of its existence, Baku Higher Oil School, which is one of the most important projects serving SOCAR's Human Capital Development Strategy, has been remembered only for its highest performance. Our students are the intellectual soldiers of Azerbaijan. Out of 102 students who were awarded the Presidential Scholarship this year by the Decree of Mr. President Ilham Aliyev, 31 are BHOS students. Having become BHOS students and having received this scholarship, they have already achieved the first success in their lives. Dear students, this success will always accompany you.”

The rector also noted that BHOS students won 8 medals, including 2 gold medals, at the Turkish Aerospace and Technology Festival (TEKNOFEST), which was held for the first time in Azerbaijan.

“Like last year, this year BHOS students will also represent our country at the prestigious NASA competition. We rejoice with this success and we are proud of it.”

Emphasizing that he is proud of the students of Baku Higher Oil School, Professor of the Petroleum Engineering Department, Honored Teacher Fuad Veliyev said that BHOS not only trains highly qualified specialists, but also instills in students a sense of respect for national values and love for the country.

Nigar Bayramova, a 2022 graduate of BHOS Petroleum Engineering Department, who works as an engineer at the Bibieybat Oil and Gas Production Department of SOCAR's "Azneft" Production Union, shared her memories of her student years and her success story.

Speaking at the ceremony, Aysel Abasova and Ziya Malikov, who were awarded the Presidential Scholarship this year, and Naila Amirova, expressed their desire to become professionals in the future and benefit our country and people after they graduate.

In his speech, Major Khagani Akhmedov, the father of the 1st-year student of BHOS Petroleum Engineering Department Nuray Akhmedova and a veteran of the Patriotic War who participated in the battles for the liberation of Sugovushan and Hadrut, said that the Azerbaijani youth liberated our lands from occupation and these young people must protect our ancestral lands. His speech was met with applause. It should be noted that the brother of Khagani Akhmedov, Major Vidadi Akhmedov, died heroically in the battles for the liberation of Jabrayil and Fizuli from occupation.

Then, BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov presented student ID cards to young people who had earned the title of student.

At the event, presentations were made about activity in social networks and BHOS, organization and conduct of lessons and exams, internal disciplinary rules, rules for electronic acceptance of applications, rules for using email addresses and turnstiles, and biometric registration.

The students were also given detailed information about the rules of conduct, safety and labor protection, the rules for using the Housing and Sports Complex, and the rules for participation in sports and student clubs.

At the end of the event, a campus tour was organized for the students and their parents. Then, Rector of Baku Higher Oil School had lunch with the students and their parents in the student canteen.

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