Baku Higher Oil School hosts scientific symposium dedicated to Year of Shusha

A scientific symposium dedicated to the Year of Shusha has been held at SOCAR's Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). The symposium was conducted under the theme "Shusha at the intersection of time”.

Opening of the event, BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov welcomed the guests and said that 2022 was engraved in our history as the Year of Shusha, the cultural capital Azerbaijan, by the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. The rector emphasized the importance of holding events dedicated to the Year of Shusha, adding that it is important to hold events related to our history, ancestral lands, and culture, especially in higher education institutions. He stressed that students and young people should be given extensive information about the history of Azerbaijan and that this event is also important in terms of their education. Addressing the students, Elmar Gasimov advised them to study our history in depth in order for them to become true patriots of their Motherland.    

Mehmet Yüce, a professor at Bursa Uludag University, a dean at the Turkish World Economics Faculty of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (TUDİFAK), spoke about Azerbaijan-Turkey relations, the brotherhood and unity of the two nations, and the importance of the Shusha Declaration.

Head of the Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Department of Baku Slavic University, Associate Professor Asgar Ahmed, spoke about the history and population of the city of Shusha, including its population composition, citing historical sources and presenting research data.

Farahila Babayeva-Shukurova, a PhD student at the Spanish University of Dublin, a research worker at the Caucasian Policy Department of ANAS Caucasian Studies Institute, a manager for Central Asia and the Caucasus at BZT Academy, made a presentation on the topic “Shusha city in Heydar Aliyev's thoughts”.

Parvin Ahanchi, a PhD in History, associate professor, a specialist in Historical Studies at BHOS,  delivered a presentation on the topic “The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and war in the collective memory of IDPs from Shusha: "witnesses" and "memorizers.” He talked about his research on this topic and shared his memories.

At the end of the symposium, the winners of the painting competition dedicated to the Year of Shusha, which had been held at Baku Higher Oil School, were awarded.

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