Student with 700 Points: I believe my well-rounded development can be realized only via BHOS

Nihad Abbasov: "I believe my well-rounded development can be realized only via BHOS"

Nihad Abbasov was born January 5, 1999 in Sumgayit town. He attended secondary school named after Isa Mammadov of Qubadli region. In 2015 he graduated it with A grades. During school years Nihad participated in many contests on different subjects and took highest places. At the same time, he was also participant of INEPO international project contest and the contest on “Scientists of Future”. Nihad Abbasov was admitted to study petroleum engineering specialization at BHOS as he gathered maximum 700 points based on entrance exam conducted by Students’ Admission Commission for 2015-2016 academic year.


- How did you manage to gather 700 points? Did you need special talent to achieve this or was it the role of luck?


- Along with talent prospective student should work hard to gather 700 points. I think luck should not be relied on in any circumstances. In order to achieve highest results first of all future targets should be defined and these targets should be in line with person’s interests. Then there comes goal setting and in this direction one should work very hard. The fact of showing interest in technical subjects especially math was crucial for me to select first specialization group. I believed I was right and then decided to study in order to be admitted to BHOS. I relied on my potential and support of my parents and teachers extended my trust in gathering 700 points. Throughout the way I tried to rightly manage my time. Trial exams were resulted in gathering 680-690. This also brought more confidence. Finally I did my best to achieve my goal and I achieved it.


- How the exam was held? What were your impressions before and after exam?


- Before exam I tried to keep calm. But as I approached the building where exam was held I felt my heart beat. However I summoned up my courage and centered my attention on tests. When I learned that all my answers were right after exam result control I experienced the feeling I would not be able to express. My family members and teachers shared my joy. I knew that although I could be proud of results nevertheless I should still take great pains for bright future. It is an honor to be one of few students in the whole country who gathered 700 points. In turn this makes me be more responsible and I will try hard to justify hopes ever shown to me.


- Why did you select this very specialization? What goals did you set while selecting it?


- High quality education in English language, international relations, taking first positions in ranking table, maximum use of latest technologies in education process, opportunities to study abroad provided ground to regard my decision as the right one. The above said advantages are capable to transform BHOS into best higher educational school not only in Azerbaijan but also respectable and well known higher educational school in the world. Taking this into consideration and especially for becoming internationally recognized specialist I selected BHOS without further hesitation. I got support of my family and teachers in this respect. After indicating petroleum engineering specialization while doing specialization selection I followed with indicating two more specializations.My choice is only BHOS as my well-rounded development can be realized only via BHOS.


- What is your most cherished wish?


- I want to become one of the distinguished students of BHOS and I will do my best to achieve this. Wishing to continue my education abroad I will endeavor to be highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable engineer. This is also wish of my family members and I believe it will come true. And my greatest wish is to make famous higher educational school of my home country as a specialist meeting international standards.


- Where do you see yourself in future? Do you have future plans?


- Through continuous work on my education I wish to be one of the well-known engineers in the world in order for further development of petroleum field of our country. As a prospective student with 700 points I believe I will always be motivated to achieve highest results.