Presidential Scholar: ‘I worked hard to enter Baku Higher Oil School’

Fidan Karimli was born in 2004 in the city of Sumgayit. She is a graduate of the Istedad Lyceum. Having scored a total of 682.6 points in the final and entrance exams held by the State Examination Center (SEC), Fidan Karimli chose the specialty “Process Automation Engineer” taught at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). She is a Presidential Scholar.


- Why did you choose to study at Baku Higher Oil School?

- Sometimes, after passing the exam, applicants choose a university in accordance with the points they score. In my case, I first chose a university, and then I set myself the goal of getting a high score. I showed great interest in Baku Higher Oil School. A year ago, I came to BHOS to learn more about this university, and even had my photo taken here. I started to study even harder to enter this university. My goal was big: I had to get a high score to be admitted to BHOS.


- Why did you choose the specialty "Process Automation"?

- I see myself only in this specialty. When I came to Baku Higher Oil School, I was shown the catalog of specialties. It contained information about specialties with photographs. When I saw the work of process automation engineers in these photos, I was once again convinced that I must become an expert in this field.


- You said that you decided in advance on the specialty and the university in which you would study. How did you prepare for the exams to achieve this goal?

- After choosing a goal, we must determine for ourselves how to move further along the path of achieving it. I believe that one of the most successful ways to achieve a goal is systematic work. I made a schedule of my studies in order to plan them. Besides that, you need to work hard. When I say “to work hard,” I don't mean just to study. It is also important to spend your free time correctly and expediently.


- How did you feel when you saw your name on the list of Presidential Scholars?

- I had two main goals - to enter Baku Higher Oil School and to get a Presidential Scholarship. I managed to achieve both goals. I was very happy when I learned that I had been awarded the Presidential Scholarship. It is a great honor to be called a Presidential Scholar. My parents were also very happy when they learned that I had become a Presidential Scholar. My mother comes from Lachin region. My family settled in the city of Sumgayit after the occupation of Lachin. During the year, my family had two joys: Our native lands were liberated from the occupation, and I was awarded the Presidential Scholarship.


-What are your goals for the future?

- My biggest goal is to become a renowned specialist in the field of process automation and to achieve great success in this field. Of course, I also have other goals in life.


- How do you spend your free time? Do you have a hobby?

- I drew pictures for about three years. I want to do this again. I also played chess.  Generally, I always try to do different things in order to expand the circle of my interests.


- How are your lessons going?

- Our classes are being held at a very high level. In fact, I knew that the teaching process here is of high quality. I was confident in the high quality of teaching at this university. Although the classes began quite recently, I already feel great progress and the development of certain skills and competencies in myself.