Student with 700 Points: To be Admitted to BHOS Was My Greatest Wish

İsa Mammadli: "I am proud of becoming BHOS student. This is unforgettable for me"

Isa Mammadli was born September 25, 1998 in Baku. He studied at secondary school number 163 between 2004-2015 and finished it with A grades. During school years Isa Mammadli joined various events, knowledge contests and camp life. Along with the mentioned events he participated at school events as presenter, organizer and designer. Having gathered the highest entrance points, 700, according to the entrance exams conducted by Students’ Admission Commission for 2015/16 Isa Mammadli has been admitted to study petroleum engineering at Baku High Oil School (BHOS).


-  Isa, what caused gathering 700 points? Do you think one should have special talents or luck to get it?


- First of all to gather 700 points one should possess certain will, set goals and work hard to achieve it. I followed it. First I selected the higher school where I wanted to continue my education. After a long reflections and questioning I came to conclusion that the best higher school for me would be Baku Higher Oil School. I also understood that to be admitted to BHOS I should gather high points. Then I assumed a lot of daily work and preparations. I studied systematically 6-7 hours a day. Even though first exam results were high I was not happy enough. I relied on my abilities but I thought I did not try hard yet. I tried to spend more time on studying even leisure time was dedicated to studies. Up to the day of admittance I did study hard. As a result of this industry I gathered the highest points being admitted to the high school I wanted for my education. I knew that apart from talent we should be industrious, patient possessing will to pursue our goals. My teachers saw my determination and focused more attention on me. This caused enhancement of my interest towards certain courses thus making me convinced of gathering high points. However still I did not know for sure that my result would be 700. So I did my best in order to become BHOS student and I achieved my goal.


-  How entrance exam was conducted? How do you recall your impressions before and after exam?


- Before entrance exam I took trial exams. In majority of them I gathered 680 points. I was not so much nervous on the day of entrance exam as I relied on my abilities. I just focused completely on tests. Then I was very much interested whether I passed the minimal point standard required for admittance. My parents and my teachers shared my joy when we learned about results. In a short period of time even people I was not familiar with congratulated me. I became one of few students who gathered 700 points in the country. Words fail to express my feelings however by that time I did essential things to achieve my goal.


-  Why did you select this very specialization and BHOS?


- High level education opportunities with English as education language, education with the use of modern technologies, job opportunities, connections with foreign universities and companies, development of oil sector in our country and information gained in this respect prompted me to select BHOS. Everything I mentioned above as well as conditions for students to become highly qualified specialists in future are offered by BHOS. Advices of my parents and teachers also were important for me in taking decision. As for specialization I followed my interest and advices of my father and teachers. Even though there were 15 specializations on the list, it was suffice for me to select only three specializations of BHOS.


-  What is your main goal?


- To be admitted to BHOS was my greatest wish. I am proud of becoming BHOS student. This is unforgettable for me. I am convinced that knowledge I will get there will make me one of the leading specialists of Azerbaijan. Then I will try to achieve further goals on my way.


-  Where do you see yourself in future? What are your future plans?


- To be highly qualified specialist, to be professional and constantly in demand and thus popularize higher school I am representing. After graduating BHOS I see myself as highly qualified, knowledgeable, modern specialist meeting international requirements with rich world outlook. I also fervently wish to popularize and represent Azerbaijan internationally being at the summit of my profession as Azerbaijani petroleum engineer. I believe I will be able to become one of the best specialists of my country after graduating BHOS and realization all my plans.