General Information

The first admission of BANM to the master's level was held in the 2017/2018 academic year in the specialty "Chemical Engineering", "Oil and Gas Technologies". Oil and gas engineering is taught based on a program offered by Heriot-Watt University in the United Kingdom.

The oil and gas industry faces a number of challenges in the supply of oil and gas, both as a source of energy and chemical raw materials. There are a number of new oil fields in the world where oil reserves are declining and production is more difficult. Both problems cause great technical difficulties for oil and gas operators. The way to solve the problem is to maintain the number of engineers with the necessary skills and knowledge for oil and gas production in the industry. This program is designed to inform engineers working in the oil and gas industry about these problems.

The program is designed to optimize future oil and gas operations, improve the recovery process, and provide a transition between surface and underground engineering functions.

The courses cover fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, pipeline engineering, materials, corrosion, technological engineering, reservoir engineering, economics and oil production technologies.

Learning outcomes

  • Combining the prospects of the oil and gas industry with a broad base of chemical engineering
  • To train valuable specialists for energy companies who use oil and gas resources with great skill
  • Contribute to planning for field development and operation and influence oil field research.
  • Gaining sufficient experience in the operation of various equipment used in the oil and gas industry
  • To apply the necessary skills in the drilling, production, service and safety segments of the oil industry.


There are laboratories equipped with computer programs in the field of chemical engineering, "Oil and Gas Technology". Students mainly implement the field development project using modern simulation programs.



Baku Higher Oil School has very strong cooperation with national and foreign institutions. Students can enrich their master work by visiting these institutions. One of our big project ITACA deals with the design and building up of a Training and Research Center, involving EU and local institutions, as well as enterprises active in the field of environmental impact of oil and gas production, to contribute to the strengthening of the relationship between university and industry, by jointly training graduated students to be employed in the field.

In addition, a Polymer Research Laboratory will be established at our department and provided with scientific and technical equipment within the joint project with Maire Tecnimont.