We turn oil capital into human capital


General Information

Our flexible degrees programs prepare you for a future full of opportunities. As BHOS, we understand that in the future the work will be in a very different concept, so our goal is to provide each bachelor’s degree graduate with the skills to think critically, gain self-confidence, collaborate effectively, and be able to contribute to the world.

No matter how big your dreams are, thanks to the unique learning opportunities provided to you, we will be a mediator helping you achieve your ambitions. The education process is implemented at the university based on a distinctive approach to learning and teaching principles to provide you with valuable connections that will help you reach your career goals after you graduate.   

All bachelor’s degree programs were co-designed with industry experts, and their opinions were taken into account. So, during the 5 years of your study, along with technical knowledge, you will gain hands-on experience during summer internships and become an expert in your field.