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ERASMUS-JMO-2023-MODULE - Jean Monnet Actions in the field of Higher Education: Modules

EUEPSUD2050-EU Energy Politics for Sustainable Development toward 2050

Project Coordinator: Rauf Nadirov

Project Start Date: 01 December 2023

Project description: The course "EU Energy Politics for Sustainable Development toward 2050" is addressed to students and the general population involved in the process of higher education, who do not normally come into contact with modern European energy studies, laws, documents and decisions. The proposed course is based on the overview and careful synthesis of several dozen published books, articles, documents and review materials related to the European Union's energy policy for sustainable development and the goals set for achievement by 2050 and after it. The course will present knowledge, ideas, laws, documents, events and technical and engineering decisions in a comfortable way, describing the policy, role and contribution of the EU to the concept of the future vision of the world energy, including its security and the impact on health, ecology and climate. The proposed course is planned to be as an entirely taught in English discipline during the first academic year, in the Baku Higher Oil School (the beneficiary University of the project). All the materials of this discipline, after the probation in English, could be translated into the Azerbaijani language and, in future, be used for teaching to employees of the national oil company, students of non-English-speaking universities. All types of students will engage in discussion during classes and write memoranda on the latest developments of EU energy policies. In the form of round-table discussions and seminars, they will be brought to the attention of students, professors and government officials and disseminate the ideas of a European energy culture. The project will be fully described as a web-page created in the University website and relevant information and periodical newsletters will be delivered to social circles. Also, the course is expected to strongly enhance students’ Master's degree program for further employment opportunities. Also, the ideas of the course, relevant knowledge and awareness will be spread in accessible academic and public circles by social media. The proposed module adopts an innovative method. Teaching activities will be carried on by the professors involved, but also through lectures and workshops with participation of other invited guests, representatives of companies and officials. Project`s duration will be 36 months.


EUP0WaCE- European Union Practices on Zero Waste Circular Economy

Project Coordinator: Amir Reza Vakhshouri

Project Start Date: 01 December 2023

Project description: The EU's waste management (WM) regulations aim to foster a more sustainable and circular economy in Europe, where waste is minimized, reused, and recycled as much as possible. The aim of this project is to implement all the priorities of the Jean Monnet Actions which develops the understanding of the EU values, attitudes and policies on WM and promotes the growth of a new generation of subject-matter experts, researchers and teachers in Azerbaijan. The project will ensure the sustainability of the knowledge acquired in Azerbaijan over the long term. Recently, Azerbaijan has been attempting to develop WM practices and regulations, however, there is still much that can be done to enhance WM procedures to obtain significant outcomes over ecological problems. Therefore, implementation of this project modules is necessary because these modules seek to raise public awareness and participation by enticing participation in WM procedures, encouraging individual waste reduction efforts, and, most importantly, educating the public about the current issues in this area in Azerbaijan while cooperating with EU countries. It is determined to implement this module in Baku Higher Oil School for undergraduate students from all disciplines. First, the main objectives and outcomes are carefully defined for each module of the project. In order to ensure the project implementation is of high quality and completed on time, risk assessment is carried out along with qualitative and quantitative measures such as activeness, participation, assignments, projects, and workshops. To promote the activities and increase the impact, various techniques (social media posts, videos, infographics and etc.) will be applied which will help to ensure that the EU funding for Jean Monnet projects is visible and well-publicized, and that the results of the projects are widely known and appreciated. Project`s duration will be 36 months.