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About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is located in the South Caucasus, known for its rich natural resources with an ancient history. The beauty of its nature, the richness of its traditions, and the delicious dishes of its cuisine have always impressed foreigners visiting the country. Azerbaijan is visited by millions of tourists every year. But the number is expected to double and most likely even triple in the near future. After all, the country has enormous potential. It includes the ancient history and the rich cultural heritage, the beautiful nature and diverse landscapes, the snow-capped mountain peaks and green valleys, the unique flora and fauna, the warm sea, and the endless sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan is rich in natural resources for Spa treatment and recreation. More than 200 groups of mineral springs that are not inferior in quality or composition to the waters of international resorts are located on its territory. But beyond that, there is Naftalan – the healing oil with miraculous properties. Physicians continue studying its endless possibilities, discovering more and more medicinal qualities of the Naftalan oil. The Naftalan resort is the only such facility in the world. Traveling to Azerbaijan will be a memorable experience for fans of hunting and fishing, mountain climbers, and those fascinated by ecotourism because there are numerous places where nature has remained untouched since ancient times when man had not appeared on the Earth. Azerbaijan is increasingly taking up the role of a center of business, scientific and cultural activity in the region. Therefore, the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been focusing on the development of the tourism industry in recent years. Dozens of world-class hotels have been built in the cities of Azerbaijan, in resort areas, in the mountains, and on the Caspian coast. Renowned international brands have set up their hotels and created water parks and amusement zones in the country. Azerbaijan receives and dispatches planes from six international airports that are equipped to the latest standard. New bus routes have been established, a major international seaport is under construction near Baku. Each year, a multitude of concert halls, sports facilities, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, parks and gardens, railways, and highways are opened. Immense work is done to conserve and restore the historical and cultural monuments Azerbaijan is so rich in. Visitors are certain to receive an indelible impression, have a good rest, and make a lot of new friends in Azerbaijan. Traveling to Azerbaijan is also an excellent opportunity to see marvelous nature, touch the history of mankind, and get acquainted with the ancient culture and modern achievements of this country.

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