General Information

Computer engineering is the field of engineering related to the development of software, the design, manufacture, application and control of computers and related devices. Computer engineering is a field of science that combines all the hardware and software that enables the storage of information in an electronic environment, the processing of this information by algorithmic methods and the delivery of processed information to the user. Computer engineering consists of two parts: software engineering and hardware engineering. Software engineering deals with the creation, optimization, testing, simulation, and application of system and application software. Hardware engineering deals with building, programming, testing and simulating the architecture of logical systems, consisting of digital hardware and electronic components.

Baku Higher Oil School opened the “Computer Engineering” specialty in 2021. The curriculum of the new specialty was developed by the faculty of the Process Automation Engineering Department. In the 2021/2022 academic year, the first 50 students were admitted to this specialty. The duration of training for the “Computer Engineering” specialty is 5 years.  

Learning outcomes

  • In the first year, students majoring in computer engineering study English, information and communication technologies, and Python programming language.
  • Over the next 4 years they are taught the specialty-related subjects, such as Programming Language, Data Structure and Algorithms, Linear Algebra, Operating Systems, Graph Algorithms, Computer Networks, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Computer Graphics, Signals and Systems, Digital Circuits, Computer Architecture, System Programming, Web and Mobile Programming, Software Engineering, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Devops, Robotics, Programming of Parallel and Distributed Systems.



Experience and career opportunities

At a time when information technology is rapidly evolving and becoming an integral part of our lives, computer engineers are the most in-demand specialists. Graduates of the Computer Engineering Department have the opportunity to work in such high-demand positions as Software Developer, Programmer, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Database Administrator, System Analyst, Complex Computer Systems Builder, System Engineer, Embedded Systems Developer, Web and Mobile System Builder, Shared Systems Builder, Project Management Manager for Software Installation Process.