BHOS Alumni

Success stories

Narmin Abdullazada

Chemical Engineering, 2019 graduate

- Why did you choose BHOS? Is there anything you would like to highlight regarding your experience at BHOS?

Actually, I didn't have a university in mind while I was preparing for the admission exam. I had just been interested in technical sciences e.g. engineering, mathematics, physics. Once exam scores were announced, the first choice I made was BHOS because it was well known that engineering studies delivered here were high quality and meeting international standards. When I close my eyes off and think about BHOS, I see a large family where everybody feels at home and cares for each other. In addition to the role of BHOS in the development of our knowledge and skills, BHOS gave us indispensable friends and left a lot of memorable moments.

- What is the most valuable lesson you have learned during your studies at  BHOS? How do you apply it in your daily life?

There are two most valuable lessons I would like to mention. Firstly, BHOS taught me that nothing was impossible. I remember the first laboratory report I wrote in 2015 and my last MSc. dissertation report in 2021. There is a massive difference, and it is due to the long study hours working on each and every point and trying to make the impossible possible. Secondly, BHOS taught me how to learn by involving us in a number of self-studies, research projects, group tasks. I think, in all areas of life, it is of paramount importance to know how to learn.I would say that whenever I feel prone to give up and say that I won't be able to do it, immediately, I remember the most challenging tasks I had at BHOS and succeeded in at the end, reminding me that impossible is possible. And knowing how to learn always reaches my help either at job or at personal life, and it plays a crucial role in continuous learning.

- Can you please tell us briefly about postgraduate study?

I have studied MSc. in Oil and gas technology at BHOS and Heriot-Watt University. It was really challenging to work and study full-time program at the same time, but I managed to graduate from Heriot-Watt University with a Distinction award. MSc. in Oil and gas technology allowed me to deepen my knowledge in upstream oil and gas operations.

- Can you please tell us briefly about your current job (functions/company/industry)?

It has already been 2 years that, I am working at BP, an Integrated energy company as Process Engineer Challenger providing engineering support to oil and gas processing operations at Sangachal Terminal. As process engineers, we perform engineering calculations and analysis, hazard identification and risk assessment processes, monitor plant operating envelope while ensuring all standards are met, and operations are safe.


- Do you feel that BHOS well prepared you for the position?

Although job environment has its own challenges, but skills and knowledge I gained at BHOS helped me to overcome all of them easily. I haven't faced large obstacles while starting the job and working on the tasks, because BHOS established the core engineering knowledge which is the key to solve difficult engineering problems as long as you have proper skills.

- Would you want to share any tips or advice with students interested in applying to BHOS?

Dear freshers, BHOS will open all possible routes for your development and will teach you how to open the route for yourself and to show perseverance against all difficulties and challenges to reach the final aim. If you have a chance to join the BHOS family, please be aware that, we as a big family will embrace You and prepare You for a brighter future.