BHOS Alumni

Success stories

Ulkar Almuradova

Chemical Engineering, 2019 graduate

- Why did you choose BHOS? Is there anything you would like to highlight regarding your experience at BHOS?

The main reason why I chose to study at BHOS is education, the one with strong technical knowledge and solid skills. I was comparing the programs of different universities, and decided that BHOS is the only option in Azerbaijan that could fulfill my expectations and grant me with a high quality bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

- What is the most valuable lesson you have learned during your studies at  BHOS? How do you apply it in your daily life?

BHOS has taught me what discipline is and how to be patient, responsible and hard-working. It has showed that whatever happens, happens for a reason. The more diligent I was, the more experience and knowledge I obtained.

- Can you please tell us briefly about postgraduate study?

After bachelor’s I have studied MBA in Oil and Gas Management, a joint program of BHOS and Geneva Business School. I graduated in July 2021. It was a great opportunity, considering that no other university in our country is specialized in petroleum management. It has added more understanding about Oil and Gas industry, its strategy and business value.

- Can you please tell us briefly about your current job (functions/company/industry)?

I was offered to work for Halliburton in September 2018, while still being a student. It was one of the most challenging year of my life when I had to manage work and studies at the same time, which was almost impossible with the tough program of BHOS. I appreciate the support that both Halliburton and BHOS had gave me. I have worked at Halliburton for 2 years as Associate Well Completions Engineer. My job included mostly workshop and field operations, as well as offshore trips. I feel very lucky to have a chance to widen my technical skills there. In December 2019 I applied to bp Challenger Program and after a long recruitment I got a job offer. Currently, I work as Corrosion Engineer at bp AGT Region. The main reason why I decided to join this company is because I wanted to build a career that would be closer to my bachelor’s degree. I am happy with all the experience I had and with where I am now.

- Do you feel that BHOS well prepared you for the position?

I would say definitely yes! BHOS has fully prepared me for anything I can encounter in work life.

- Would you want to share any tips or advice with students interested in applying to BHOS?

To those who are planning to apply to BHOS, first of all, good luck! Be sure that you will be given everything that you’ll need further in you career. If you are able to get maximum from this university, you will definitely be successful. It will be challenging, it will be hard and sometimes overwhelming, bur nobody told that success is easy.