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Ravan Karimli

Chemical Engineering, 2017 graduate

- Why did you choose BHOS? Is there anything you would like to highlight regarding your experience at BHOS?

To be straightforward, by the end of high school education I did not have an idea where to continue my education. I just knew that I am more driven towards the technical disciplines, such as math, physics, chemistry etc., thus my choice was fluctuating between the universities possessing engineering faculties. By that time BHOS had just settled as a university with their vision and will to gather the 1st bunch of students that have demonstrated certain excellence graduating from their high school education stage. It was a bit risky to apply as there was no evidence/results of the university’s performance level, however I believed in the offers BHOS made and also in the aspect of SOCAR standing at the background of these activities.

Getting closer to the end, I understood that each year (except the 1st) I was thinking that I do not have enough time to do additional stuff, and at the beginning of the next year I was clearly seeing all the spare time that I had in reality and did not use properly.

- What is the most valuable lesson you have learned during your studies at  BHOS? How do you apply it in your daily life?

I might be wrong in stating it, nevertheless I think that I learnt to interact/cooperate with people regardless of their rank, status or position.  I believe that the ability I grasped during the university life was the result of the created opportunity to continuously communicate with a diverse palette of professors, mentors, students, industry people, specialists from different companies, managers, and our rector. I do not think there were other universities back then that could similarly surround you with the mentioned atmosphere. In the end, I suppose there is no need to highlight that I definitely utilize this ability in my everyday life.

- Can you please tell us briefly about postgraduate study?

I also took my “Oil and Gas Technologies” master’s degree at BHOS. Briefly, the essence of “Oil and Gas Technologies” was to supply the chemical engineer with the knowledge of oil and gas engineer, so that he/she could play the role of the focal point between the upstream and downstream processing spheres.  

- Can you please tell us briefly about your current job (functions/company/industry)?

Currently I work at SOCAR RUS LLC as a process engineer dealing with the process side of the projects that mainly take place in Russia. In addition, from time to time I cover some minor process issues related to the GPC project at SOCAR Polymer LLC. There is no huge possibilities to develop as a process engineer within these companies, however, there is an opportunity to attend all the project stages and to witness the real project development steps.

- Do you feel that BHOS well prepared you for the position?

The chemical engineering bachelor gave me the “base package”, i.e. sufficient knowledge to proceed in any direction of the chemical engineering sphere. However, I would have added more job related items to work on closer to the end of the bachelor, so that students could figure out how to apply the gathered knowledge.

- Would you want to share any tips or advice with students interested in applying to BHOS?

I do not think there is any sense in sharing tips with the high school graduates as I think the essence would be missed. Nevertheless, appreciate your choice and time that you are going to dedicate for the next 4 or 5 years of your life. I wish you to fully enjoy your student life and use all the opportunities that BHOS offers you.