Student Life

Society of Petroleum Engineers

The main goal of the SPE BHOS Student Chapter is to ensure the multidirectional development of students, to ensure the exchange of experience and information between them, to organize meetings between students and experts from different industries and to acquaint students with the actual working environment.

The society organizes technical and non-technical sessions, holds various educational events and competitions, organizes excursions to factories and work areas to acquaint students with the work process, conducts charitable actions and constantly works on new projects.  The Society of Petroleum Engineers implemented the large-scale projects “Engineering Academy” and “Design School” for students majoring in Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Students participated in numerous events organized by the society in a team form and on a voluntary basis.  These activities, held with the mentoring support of professional engineers working in various companies and BHOS graduates and students, have aroused great interest among students of other universities.

The society was awarded the Gold Standard Chapter in 2018 and the Student Chapter Excellence Award in 2019 for its high performance.