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Ongoing Projects

ITACA - Innovative Training Centre to support a postgraduate 3rd cycle Advanced Course to face Environmental Emergency in Azerbaijan 

ITACA project deals with the design and building up of a Training Center, involving EU and local institutions, as well as enterprises active in the field of environmental impact of oil and gas production, to contribute to the strengthening of the relationship between university and industry, by jointly training graduated students to be employed in the field. The Training Center will design and develop a one-year postgraduate 3rd cycle course managed in collaboration between industry and academia. The current HE system in the Country does not include a 3rd cycle of education different from PhD courses, while in EU it has been proved successful, especially in the field of ecology and environmental sciences, as well as engineering. The introduction of this new type of course, constituting a bridge between Universities and industries, could contribute to solving the emerging issues in the field of environmental remediation in the Country. An innovative teaching methodology will be applied, based on EU experiences, thus contributing to the modernization of local HE system.

Coordinator: Sapienza University of Rome

EU Funding (Grant Agreement 730349): around 1 million Euro

Start: November 15th, 2019

Duration: 3 years

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ECAR - Establishment of Rectors Conference in Azerbaijan 

With the internationalization of education and the growing need for specialists who meet the requirements of the new digital and innovative economy, the role of universities is becoming a key. In this regard, new forms of interaction between higher education organizations at the international level of university networks emerging and developing. “Although Azerbaijan signed Bologna agreement already in 2005, there is weak awareness of benefits of EHEA related issues among wider audience in the country. The knowledge on the recent developments of higher education system in Azerbaijan remains vague. The communication and networking concerning EHEA issues is rather fragmented among different departments in the MoE and various stakeholders. There is a need of national universities networks in Azerbaijan to promote and facilitate cooperation, support universities in their primary work, that is – high quality education, as well as to actively lobby for better legislation and wise spending its finance aimed at the advancement of higher education and research. The consortium believes that Rectors conference can be a great getaway for all of the universities presenting a single voice in key initiatives and challenges. The ultimate goal of this project is to endorse strong networking and cooperation among national universities and decision makers through the establishment of Rectors Conference. The approach chosen for implementation, however, includes a collaborative framework with respective stakeholders, mainly focusing on educational needs. The overall aim of the project is fostering national networking and cooperation among universities and all other stakeholders by establishing the rectors conference in accordance with national development strategies.

Coordinator: Baku Business University

EU Funding (Grant Agreement 619354): around 1 million Euro

Start: January 15th, 2021

Duration: 3 years