International Programmes Office

Erasmus+ is a frontrunner programme of the European Union since 1987. Erasmus+ programme provides opportunities through various actions for higher educational institutions as main beneficiaries as well as students and staff for enhancing their knowledge, exploring new cultures, living, and studying abroad in an international sphere. Erasmus+ mobility programmes aim to provide students and university staff to study and work in an international environment through various projects which has positive effects on educational, social, personal, and professional development through exchange of best practices. Budget of the programme for the 2021-2027 period is estimated to be 26.2 billion Euros. 30% of that budget will be invested in cooperation projects and policy development activities where organizations gain experience in international cooperation, strengthen their capacities, produce innovative approaches, exchange good practices and network. For more information, please visit link.

Erasmus+ and International Programmes Office (EIPO) of BHOS manages various international mobility and capacity building projects under various programmes including Erasmus+, Mevlana and others. 

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