BHOS celebrates 23 year anniversary of New Azerbaijan Party

     The event dedicated to 23 year anniversary of New Azerbaijan Party was held at BHOS. Before the event started, the participates maid tribute to the memory of the National Leader of Azerbaijan and the founder of New Azerbaijan Party Haydar Aliyev putting flowers on his memorial at BHOS. In his opening speech Rector of the Higher School Elmar Gasimov briefed on the history of the Party and the activities implemented within the last 23 years. Rector Gasimov made known that founded by the National Leader Haydar Aliyev and now successfully chaired by the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev, New Azerbaijan Party managed to pursue historically important undertakings during the last 23 years. The policy pursued by President Aliyev made our country a well-recognized one, turning Azerbaijan into a leading regional country. The Rector also stressed that in the course of 23 years New Azerbaijan Party made significant and political contributing in strengthening Azerbaijan as a sovereign, civil and democratic state. In addition, Mr. Gasimov reminded that during these years Azerbaijan lived a complicated period facing the threat of split and complete destruction, but developing up to the contemporary period of prosperity and becoming the strongest country of the region.


   Focusing on the history of the Party, Siyavush Novruzov, Deputy Executive Secretary of New Azerbaijan Party, highly valued the works and merits of New Azerbaijan Party for the nation. He particularly said that while serving for the sake of the statehood New Azerbaijan Party managed to bring international recognition to Azerbaijan. Mr. Novruzov stressed that winning the Parliamentary elections the Party managed to take significant place in social processes in the history of independent Azerbaijan, owing to the trust of Azerbaijani nation. Playing an important role in safeguarding and strengthening our statehood, while having an immense contribution in achieving the current progress New Azerbaijan Party once again proved to be the most influential, progressive and well-organized party of the country.