Baku Higher Oil School Student Week Meeting

     Baku Higher Oil School hosted a meeting held within the framework of the Student Week (Nov.10-17, 2015) announced by Azerbaijan Students Union. Rashad Hasanov, Vice-Rector for General Affairs, Elvin Aslanov, Azerbaijan Students Union President and Nuraddin Mehdiyev, Chairman of the Youth Affairs Public Union, Ministry of Youth and Sports attended the event.


Welcoming the guests Vice-Rector Hasanov emphasized the government care to youth programmes in Azerbaijan, noting that Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan specifically focused on the youth policy issues and that significant work had been carried out to ensure the improvement of this sector. Briefing on the activities of BHOS, social and cultural life of students Mr. Hasanov underlined that such events had an important contribution in facilitating social integration of young people. He added that BHOS managed to have its say in rapidly developing life of the country, emphasizing the opportunities provided for students to ensure high quality education and training.


Azerbaijan Students Union President Elvin Aslanov welcomed BHOS students and extended his gratitude to Rector Gasimov for his support to convene the meeting. He noted that apart from becoming a model HEI in the country, BHOS could pave a new way through demonstrating its innovative approach in a number of initiatives. Speaking in detail about the activities implemented by the Union, as well as the Student Week he stressed that the event was organized on the occasion of the International Students Day celebrated on Nov.17. “You are studying at this school to become professional engineers and you will be working for well-recognized local and international energy companies in future. This will be the time for you to promote the values of our country among your international colleagues. Thus, you should be well aware of the social and public life, the policy pursued by the President, the realities of our history, and the Karabakh conflict. I call all of you to take an active part in various social and public events”, Mr. Abbasov said. He highly appreciated the student initiatives supported by BHOS.


Nuraddin Mehdiyev, the Chairman of the Youth Affairs Public Union spoke about the youth policy implemented in the country underlying the significance of the government support rendered to students. Thanking the BHOS management for organizing the meeting he considered such events as very effective ones. Briefing about the success of the national youth policy Mr. Mehdiyev also spoke about the activities of the Online Karabakh Information-Communication Technologies Center calling the students to join the projects implemented by the Center and support the international promotion of its initiatives.


Habiba Sadigli, the Head of BHOS Students Affairs Department, called the establishment of BHOS as the outcome of the successful national youth policy. She briefed on the opportunities provided to students underlying the possibilities to join various projects, youth organizations and student clubs.