Solar energy used at Baku Higher Oil School

Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) attaches special importance to the green energy transition.

Thus, two solar panels with an output power of 250 watts each were installed in one of the laboratory rooms of the BHOS campus several months ago in order to check the efficiency of the use of renewable energy sources in the university. The energy obtained from these panels is being used for the off-grid lighting of the laboratory room.  

The head of the project is Ilkin Balazada, a teacher at the Process Automation Engineering Department of Baku Higher Oil School. He says that three location analyses were conducted to test the effectiveness of installing the solar panels on the campus and to expand their application potential.

“The location of the panels, their number, weather conditions and other factors were taken into account for the analysis of the experiment with the solar panels. For now, only the laboratory room is illuminated with the energy received from the panels. Upon determining the optimal location spots for the solar panels and increasing their number, the amount of energy produced by the panels will increase and their application area will expand.” 

The BHOS teacher also says that it is possible to illuminate not only one room, but all the rooms of the campus with the use of solar panels, which means saving tens of thousands of manats.

Vagif Zeynalov, head of BHOS Technical and Operation Department, says that the lighting line in this laboratory room has been disconnected from the power grid.

“Currently, the room is illuminated with 9 LED lamps, and thanks to the energy obtained from the solar panels, 85 manats will be saved on the cost of electric lamps in 10 months. We can light up more rooms after identifying the optimal location spots for solar panels and increasing their number. With this, we can reduce the load on the network and save electricity. Additionally, the solar panels can be incorporated in laboratory classes so that students could learn how to use automatic solar panel control systems. The world is moving towards alternative energy. In this context, the use of solar panels   prevents carbon emissions, reduces energy dependence on the power grid, and creates a clean energy source for the atmosphere”.


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