Olympiad winners awarded at Baku Higher Oil School

The winners of the Azerbaijan stage of the U.S. Copernicus Olympiad in Mathematics, organized by the Global Olympic Center, were awarded at Baku Higher Oil School.

The awarding ceremony began with the performance of the National Anthem of Azerbaijan and the observance of a minute of silence in memory of our dear shahids.

Director of the Global Olympic Center Khayal Ibrahimzade opened the event with a welcoming speech.

Then, Rector of Baku Higher Oil School Elmar Gasimov greeted the students and parents, congratulated them and wished them success. He said that BHOS is ready to provide every support to the development of education in the country. The rector gave the participants of the event extensive information about BHOS.

Then, Deputy Director of the Copernicus Olympiad Maria Pedro greeted the guests in Azerbaijani and continued her speech with an interesting discussion. The representative, who visited our country for the first time, wished the participants success in the global tour.

After the speeches, the awarding ceremony began. First, Rector Elmar Gasimov presented the medals to the gold medal winners. Silver and bronze medals were given to the winners by other invited guests. Jamal Karimov, a biologist awarded with a Progress Medal, presented prizes to the winners of the Olympiad in Physics & Astronomy and Natural Sciences.

386 young people won the title of a winner in the Olympiad held among 800 students. The awarded physicists are already representing our country on a global tour organized at Rice University in the United States. They will also visit NASA, where they will get acquainted with the work process and rockets. The awarded mathematicians will represent our country in the global tour to be organized at MIT and Columbia University in the USA on July 10.