Students of Baku Higher Oil School participate in ‘Building a Business’ training

Elvin Dadashsoy, the founder of several private educational institutions and a known expert in the field of education business, has held a training on “Building a Business” at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS).  

BHOS students majoring in Business Administration and Chemical Engineering participated in the training.

During the training, Elvin Dadashsoy shared with the students his experience and knowledge regarding the ways to start a business, the possession of necessary qualities and the availability of necessary resources for this, and the creation and maintaining of a successful business.

Elvin Dadashsoy founded his business in the field of education in 2013. In 2014, he created the first brand of child development centres. The brand created by him has expanded through the franchise method to include 14 branches in the country. He is also the co-founder of several preschool companies. As a trainer, he gives business seminars to up to 3000 people every year.

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