Presentation of ‘SABAH.lab’ Acceleration Center held for BHOS students

A presentation of the "SABAH.lab" Acceleration Center has been held for students of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). First, representatives of SABAH.lab met with Rector of Baku Higher Oil School Elmar Gasimov. Telling the guests about BHOS, the rector said that since the establishment of the university, students have actively participated in startup projects and programs and have achieved success in this direction.

“Prestigious companies supported students in the development and implementation of projects. Along with receiving a high quality education, BHOS students are taught business-oriented creative thinking,” Elmar Gasimov noted.

Speakers at the presentation were Associate Professor of the “Scaleup Your Startup” program of IE Business School Joe Haslam; entrepreneur and founder of several successful startups in Europe Nikita Payanok; CEO of the SABAH.lab Acceleration Center, entrepreneur and founder of a number of successful startups in Azerbaijan Rahim Bayramli.

Rahim Bayramli informed the meeting participants about the current state of the startup ecosystem in the region and made a presentation of the "SABAH.lab" Acceleration Center. He stressed that in order to increase the innovative potential of the country, the young people attending the meeting can apply for participation in the program and start taking the first steps towards entrepreneurship.

Joe Haslam spoke about the “Scaleup Your Startup” program and some of the successful startups he created in the early 2000s. He emphasized that it is difficult to succeed alone, and that belonging to an ecosystem gives a better chance of success.

Nikita Payanok shared his experience in creating his first companies with the help of acceleration centers and spoke about the importance of receiving support at the initial stage. The meetings continued with panel discussions, during which students asked speakers interesting questions, such as "How to create companies?", "What support does the incubator provide?"

Note that the "SABAH.lab" Acceleration Center operates under the Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the support of the Ministry of Education. The center's activities include providing support to startups aimed at creating and developing innovative companies in various sectors of the economy.