Elmar Gasimov met with Japanese Petroleum Specialists

The meeting between BHOS rector Elmar Gasimov, lecturers’ staff and Professor Masanori Kurihara from department of resources and environmental engineering of Waseda University, Japan and representatives of INPEX Company, Japan was held at BHOS. BHOS rector Elmar Gasimov warmly greeted guests saying that he was pleased to welcome them at BHOS. Guests were informed about BHOS and its achievements. While touching upon bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Japan in petroleum sector, BHOS rector stressed possibility of establishing cooperation between BHOS and Waseda University in future. E. Gasimov invited Professor Masanori Kurihara to conduct master class for BHOS students in March 2016 with the support of INPEX Company in frames of his visit to Azerbaijan.


In his turn, Professor Masanori Kurihara and representative of INPEX Company expressed their contentment that they were able to visit one of the leading higher schools of Azerbaijan, Baku Higher Oil School, during their short visit. Mr. Kurihara on behalf of the university he represents emphasized the interest in cooperation with BHOS. His suggestion encompassed realization students’ and lecturers’ mobility between BHOS and Waseda University in the field of engineering, joint preparation of academic programs as well as involvement in joint research work.


In conclusion proposals and initiatives of BHOS lecturers were brought forward and cooperation opportunities were discussed. At the same time agreement was reached on organization of professional training for BHOS students by professor of Waseda University in March 2016.