Student with 700 Points: I have dreamed of nothing else but BHOS

Arzu Hasanli: “I have dreamed of nothing else but BHOS”

Hasanli Arzu was born in Berde in 1999. In 2015 she graduated from Z.Aliyeva technical sciences liceym in Berde. She was awarded with Decree of Honour several times at the school. During school years Arzu participated at country range social events and brain ring competitions. After reaching 700 points during 2015/2016 admission exams of State Students Admission Commission, she became the student of Process Automation specalization of BHOS.


- How could you manage to score the highest entrance score? Does it requires special talent or is it somehow luck related?


- One proverb says: “ There are no gains without pains”. I do not think that it demands special talent, the only thing you need to be prepared for daily classes and listen attentively to the teachers. I was always responsible during my school years and during the secondary school years I defined my goal – to enter to the university with the highest score. So I tried all my best. I would like to underline that, I had not got free time because I have totally focused on my lessons. During my rest hour, eating and taking a sleep were the sole things I did. I stopped watching television and dealing with any extra activity during that time. I have participated at all trial exams before the entrance exam and the highest score of my trial exams was 670. I can say that the very trial exams were of great help for me. Thus with trials I figured out my weak points and began to work on these questions harder. Thanks to God that I justified the hopes that were cherished for me.


- What can you say about the admission exam itself? Can you share with us your impressions prior to and after the exam?


- Actually the exam was organized successfully. Frankly speaking I was a little bit anxious and hesitating despite how confident I was. So I began with the easier questions to overcome my anxiety which really worked. After the exam I checked the questions and was sure that I have answered all correctly. As I knew that I gained the highest score I was so glad that can not express it with any single word. I firstly shared my delight with my family and then with my teachers and close persons.


- Why you chose BHOS and this specialization and what was your goal during making this choice?


- I was aware that I have to gain high score in order to enter to BHOS and I was trying all my best. Petroleum industry is one of the developed fields in our country, it needs the specialised cadres in process automation engineering. That is I would like to be one of the best specialist in this sphere. As to choosing BHOS, it attracted me as a higher education institute providing free and high level education instructed totally in English. Furthermore it offers the students wide range of opportunities and conditions, gives future career chances and can count some other features that differs it from other higher educational institutes. I have always thought of BHOS. Even in the choice blank form I have put down only one specialization as BHOS was my dream in order to become internationally specialised engineer of the future.


- What is your greatest wish?


- Well, I wished mostly to score 700 points and to enter to BHOS which I have already succeded in. From now I would like to graduate BHOS successfully and to become professional engineer.


- What are your future plans?


- I am planning to graduate BHOS with distinction, to continue my master degree abroad and afterwards to work at SOCAR.