Presidential Scholar: ‘My biggest dream was to study at Baku Higher Oil School’

Jamila Yusifova was born in 2004 in the city of Shirvan. She is a graduate of Shirvan city secondary school No.1. Jamila Yusifova gained 685.3 points in the exams, and was admitted to the Information Security Department of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). She is one of 102 students who were awarded a Presidential Scholarship according to the order of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Jamila Yusifova says that BHOS is the most prestigious higher education institution in Azerbaijan.

- Jamila, why did you want to study at Baku Higher Oil School?

- My biggest dream was to study at Baku Higher Oil School. In my opinion, BHOS is the most prestigious university in Azerbaijan. This university offers many opportunities to students. My brother, Yusifov Ali, was also admitted to BHOS four years ago, in 2017. He studied Process Automation here. He then entered the Petronas University of Technology in Malaysia with the support of Baku Higher Oil School.  He is currently studying Oil and Gas there.

- How did you choose your specialty?

- I was always very interested in information security. My interest in this field was so great that I even learned the Python programming language through the Internet. My brother also knew about my desire to study at BHOS. Therefore, he always supported me in choosing a specialty.

- How did you prepare for the entrance exams?

- I thoroughly prepared for the entrance exams. I spent 90 percent of my day on test assignments and revisions. I think the most important thing in exam preparation is to revise learning material regularly. I didn’t get nervous when I was preparing for the exam. I started feeling nervous during the exam, but after getting acquainted with the questions, I stopped stressing. I saw that the questions were easy for me.

- You have already started attending classes. What are your first impressions of Baku Higher Oil School.

- The environment, teachers and quality of lessons at Baku Higher Oil School are at a high level. I am very pleased with the lessons and my teachers. I always say that it is good that I was admitted to Baku Higher Oil School, it is good that I chose this university.

- What are your future plans and goals?

- After graduating from BHOS, I want to study abroad and become a professional. As a professional, I intend to return to Azerbaijan, establish my business here and benefit my country. This is my goal for the future.