BHOS Students Taking Internship At Neft Dashlari (Oil Rocks)

Fifteen BHOS 2nd and 3rd year students on petroleum engineering are taking internship at Neft Dashlari Petroleum Extraction Department of Azneft Production Union in order to practice their theoretical knowledge. Internship envisaging non-paid practice during 15 days for 2nd year students and payment based practice during two months for 3rd year students is organized taking into account students’ leisure demands.

In frames of the internship programme Gochali Mahmudov, the Head of Neft Dashlari, Zeynal Abdullayev, the Deputy Head on Social Issues, Zabit Ahmadov, the Head of Petroleum Production and Transportation Department and the Internship Supervisor as well as other representatives of Neft Dashlari informed students about available conditions and instructed them. BHOS students were informed about the significance of practical knowledge to be gained for their future career and instructed on the platform wells and health and safety regulations.

According to the programme, the engineers are familiarizing BHOS 2nd year students with offshore drilling, field exploration, processing and export operations realized at Neft Dashlari, as well as oil extraction techniques and modern processing technologies.

As for BHOS 3rd year students, they are taking internship at № 1887 pemanent offshore petroleum extraction basis of Neft Dashlar, which is one of the biggest platforms in Azerbaijan. Temporary working agreement is concluded with every student who take internship and he/she is being hired as an engineer or a switcher what corresponds to the conditions of the programme. Upon completion of the internship, students are being paid for their work according to functions they fulfilled. Thus, a student taking internship at Neft Dashlari as an employee during 1-2 months is turning to be a specialist having specific work experience. Students are fulfilling assigned duties of engineers and switchers aided by experienced employees.