BHOS Students Project Wins The 7th Grant Competition

BHOS second year student on Petroleum Engineering Ravan Adilov’s Human Capital Transformed from Oil Capital Project was announced as one of the winners of the 7th Grant Contest held at Youth Foundation of Azerbaijan Republic on May 1 – June 1, 2015.

According to Ravan Adilov, the primary goal of the said project is to support Azerbaijani students who study engineering abroad aided financially by SOCAR to share their practical knowledge with students studying in engineering programmes in order to motivate them to become highly qualified specialists. Human Capital Transformed from Oil Capital Project will be conducted at BHOS within 6 days. In general, the project engaging 6 specialists will gather representatives of SOCAR, Youth Foundation and higher educational institutions during the opening and closing ceremonies. During the project implementation, students who study abroad with SOCAR financial aid will give detailed information about oil policy of our country, Contract of the Century, TANAP and TAP projects and more profound professional knowledge. Q&A session will follow their presentations.

Especially 2nd, 3rd and 4th year bachelor and master students on engineering specialization may benefit from the above mentioned project.