Training Center of European Unions ITACA project to be established at Baku Higher Oil School

The European Union (EU) Innovative Training Center to support a 3rd cycle Advanced Education Course to face Environmental Emergency in Azerbaijan (ITACA)  will be established at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS).


Under the ITACA grant project, the organizers decided to create an innovative training center at the Higher School, since it meets all the criteria of partner universities.


The training center will develop a project for the organization of one-year post-master's courses in the framework of cooperation between industrial and academic structures.


As it is known, there are no one-year post-master’s courses, which are different from doctoral courses, in the higher education system of Azerbaijan, although such courses have proved to be successful in the European Union, especially in the fields of ecology and environmental sciences and engineering.


One-year post-master’s courses are a new type of education which, acting as a bridge between universities and industry, can help solve problems related to improving the quality of education and the environmental situation in the country.


Building on the experience of European universities, the center will implement innovative teaching methods that contribute to the modernization of the local higher education system and new advanced technologies in the field of environmental restoration and waste management. 


Note that the ITACA project provides for the training of master’s degree specialists  who will deal with the rehabilitation of stagnant waters in the oil-producing regions of the Caspian Sea, as well as the creation of a new training center that will conduct analyzes in this area and deal with wastewater treatment technologies. 


The implementation of the project, which covers the period from 2019 to 2022, will be coordinated by the Sapienza University (Italy). 


Aalborg University (Denmark), University of Granada (Spain), University of Patras (Greece), the company Argus Umweltbiotechnologie GmbH (Germany), Baku Higher Oil School, Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, and Baku State University will also take part in the realization of the project.


The goal of the project is to create new opportunities for students to enter the labor market, promote the skills and competitiveness of technical personnel of local companies, remediate soil and water affected by oil and gas production, as well as improve education, employment and entrepreneurship in the field of waste management.