BHOS Volunteers: We were proud to be a part of Games

First Lady of Azerbaijan, chair of the Organizational Committee of First European Games, Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva specially thanked volunteers during closing ceremony of the mentioned event successfully hosted by Azerbaijan. More than 30 BHOS students were amongst these volunteers. BHOS volunteers were asked on impressions about First European Games and their activities.

Samira Mammadova, II year student of Chemistry Engineering specialization:

- First of all, I should say that volunteering is very good experience.During First European Games we assisted in worthy representation of our country at the same time we gained experience and made friends. It was so extravaganza organized that some of us still cannot believe that Games are over. I consider the team I worked with as irreplaceable one for me ever. I also took the opportunity to improve my English. Working with foreign volunteers helped us to learn new cultures and represent our own. It was really unforgettable for me.

Ravan Adilov, II  year student of Petroleum Engineering specialization:

- I think First European Games were very significant event for our country. By organizing this event of international importance for the first time, Azerbaijan has set the standards of the Games. It has turned to be a reality that owing to succesful organization of the event by Azerbaijan European Games are accepted as athlets’ feast that deserves attention. While living these moments of pride I believe we, young generation, were obliged to contribute in success of these Games. We were very pleased to hear that First Lady of Azerbaijan, chair of the Organizational Committee of First European Games, Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva specially stressed the role of about 17 000 volunteers and young people occupying different positions in success of the event. On the threshold of Games I witnessed the unity of all people who surrounded me. Even people who were not involved in any activity but showed great interest in Games demonstrated high level hospitality towards tourists which is so peculiar to our nation. When I walked the city the day before Games I felt as if everyone was united for one particular goal. I think that this is one more way to demonstrate love to our country. Games were really the greatest event in the history of independant Azerbaijan. I was proud to be a part of it. It was exemplary and grand experience for us. Being the future of our country we should continue this success, learn and realize this tradition started by the President of Azerbaijan.

Mustafa Asgarov II year student of Petroleum Engineering specialization:

- Baku 2015, First European Games once again showed power of Azerbaijan.Throughout 17 days all the world focused on Azerbaijan being impressed by the glory of First European Games. The victory of our athlets rised Games to the higher level. Taking second place with total number of 56 medal, including 21 gold, was historic for Azerbaijani team. This victory of Azerbaijan was very encouraging for organizing and hosting more magnificent events in future. Certainly success of our athlets shows general development level of our country. However behind this greatness there stands one workforce full of energy – Azerbaijani youth, Azerbaijani volunteers. More than 10 000 young have turned to be heros of First European Games. The most important fact is that thanks to their devotion to work volunteers won respect of Azerbaijani people. Volunteering gave us opportunity to make friends, entertain, work in groups, create team spirit, improve competence and worthy represent Azerbaijan. We shared one goal: To worthy represent our motherland and show the power of Azerbaijani youth. One more time Azerbaijani volunteers proved that love to our country is higher than any other benefits. What a pleasure that we made our contribution in organization of the event of international importance in Azerbaijan.

Vahid Mustafayev, I year student of Petroleum Engineering specialization:

- I was very happy to be volunteer during First European Games.Now I miss my friends I made there. I enjoyed the spirit reigned in our group. The time we spent together - 3 months, 18 days flew in a twinkle of an eye.These Games were very important in terms of ability to learn our potential as youth, team work as well as popularization of Azerbaijan. I plan to join volunteering work during Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017.

Amail Mammadova, III year student of Chemistry Engineering specialization:

- First European Games became one of the most successful athlets’ competitions in our country and I am proud to be a part of it. At the same time, volunteers are very much respected in our country and I am glad to be one of them. I worked as a protocol group member at swimming area. During my work I met with interesting, intelligent and approachable foreign young people. The event was really helpful for me to develop my skills within team and make new friends.