Students of BHOS presented Azerbaijan in China

3rd year students of Petroleum Engineering program of BHOS, Fidan Salim-zade and Umid Tarlanli by the sponsorship of SPE-Azerbaijan (Petroleum Engineers Society) participated at the “Future Petroleum Engineers Forum” held at Beijing, China on May 20-25. The very international event was attended by famous faces as the president of SPE, Nathan Meehan, Zhenwu Liu chairperson of SPE China section and as well as students from Asia, Europe and Australia.

Some social activities were organized for the students during the event as well. The students made presentations about their countries and the higher education institutions they study. BHOS student and chair of BHOS section of SPE, Fidan Salim-zade, making presentation gave information about the section, BHOS, its activities and international relations. She talked about the society’s activities in Azerbaijan, its other sections and also mentioned the role of the society at BHOS.

Our representatives participated at the competitions within the forum and took the right for semi-final at the petroleum engineering competition.

Within the cultural day of the forum representatives of Azerbaijan gave detailed information about history, geography, culture, traditions, music, art, national values and cuisine of Azerbaijan. BHOS student Umid Tarlanli speaking about the ancient history of our country also touched upon Azerbaijan-Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh dispute, Armenia’s policy of aggression towards Azerbaijan.

During the cultural day, Umid performed the national dance of Azerbaijan as well. Folk song and dance of Azerbaijan highly impressed the guests. The samples of Azerbaijani national cuisine were also demonstrated. Presentation of Azerbaijani students was more welcomed by the participants and was of a chance to know much more information about Azerbaijan. They were so impressed that even some foreigners ensured to know more about Azerbaijan within other international projects and events.

At the event the foreign students were asked some Azerbaijan related questions and the winners were awarded with the gifts symbolizing the country.