«At BHOS, I can realize my plans for the future, says BHOS student and Presidential Scholar

Public Relations department of Baku Higher Oil School startы a new project entitled “10 questions to Presidential Scholar”. It will tell about Presidential Scholars studying at BHOS.  Reyhana Kerimli, first-year Process Automation Engineering student, is answering our questions today.


- Please tell about yourself.

- I was born on December 19, 1998 in Sabirabad district. I entered primary school in 2006 in the town of Grodno in Belarus. Then I continued my secondary education at the school N272 of the Nizami district of Baku and graduated from the school in 2016.


- The exams are in the past now. What are your impressions about them?

- I will never forget that time. Of course, I was concerned, but all my fears disappeared as soon as I learned the results. My tiredness and anxiety turned into pleasant memories.


- What was your score at the entrance exams?

- To be honest, I wanted to get 700 points, but managed to receive only 690 points. With this result, I became one of the Presidential scholars.


- Why have you chosen BHOS?

- I have noticed that BHOS accepts the best graduates from secondary schools. I decided to gain high score to become a student of Baku Higher Oil School. I collected as much information about BHOS as possible and realized that this is the place where I would like to receive my higher education.


- What role has your family played in your education?  

- My family always encouraged my striving for education from the early childhood. They continue providing support to me in my efforts to study.


- What is your biggest dream?

- As any other student, I do have rather a goal, not a dream. My most ambitious goal is to become an excellent engineer, a highly qualified professional, while using all those opportunities and conditions provided by the Higher school.


- What can you tell about your future profession?

- As a Foundation program student, I do not know all details about Process Automation Engineering academic programs. However, I did my best to obtain information about this specialty at the BHOS website and from other sources. Then I understood that I would like to become Process Automation Engineer.


- What are your hobbies?

- I like listening to music and like reading. In addition, I can do paintings based on the drawings I like. 


- What books do you read?

- I like classic works of literature, but most of all I like to read novels.


- What else are you interested in?

- Since childhood, I have been keen on dancing and gymnastics, and I am interested in musical instruments such as, for example, violin and piano. I also plan to study German language to know one more foreign language, in addition to English.