We liked Baku and Azerbaijan very much, and BHOS students are the best representatives of the Azerbaijani youth, say Gubkins University students

Student delegation from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University) paid a visit to Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). The visit of the representatives Gubkin University SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Student Chapter was arranged with support provided by the Higher School and SPE’s Azerbaijani branch. We asked Evelina Gadilshina, fourth-year student of the Mechanical  Engineering faculty, Dmitry Koshechkin, fourth-year student of the Automation and Computer Engineering faculty, Anton Runenkov, third-year student of the Chemical and Environmental Engineering faculty, and Sophia Shoshkovich, third-year student of the Reservoir Engineering faculty to answer a few questions and share their impressions about the visit.


What was the main purpose of your visit? Was it achieved?

Sophia: The main purpose of our visit to Baku was to strengthen ties with your Higher School and its SPE Student Chapter for future cooperation. It was certainly achieved. But there is more than that: we found true friends, we learned a lot about your unique country and its people, we gained knowledge about Azerbaijani oil industry and we met many interesting people.

Dmitry: Our main goal was to enhance existing cooperation between young people of our countries. This goal was successfully achieved, as we defined our coordinated efforts and actions such as, for example, participation in the conferences or work with schoolchildren.


Being representatives of the one of the leading oil and gas industry-oriented universities in Russia, you have visited one of the most prestigious higher education school in Azerbaijan. Did you have a chance to learn about BHOS, its teaching process Baku and the technological infrastructure?  

Dmitry: I did like the idea about arranging one-year Foundation Program specifically for studying English and Information Technologies. At the new campus of school, we saw that it modern technical equipment, which would help organize practical lessons for students.

Sophia: Yes, the teaching process did attract my attention, as it very much impressed me. I also liked that all the subjects are taught in English, for this approach meets nowadays realities and requirements. Moreover, establishment of the higher education school with support from companies builds a bridge between the education and practice. In addition, Baku Higher Oil School offers the students good opportunities for internship and further employment at the leading oil and gas companies. Finally, the modern equipment of the laboratories helps the students to successfully complete their education, which, in its turn, is aimed at real practical tasks in their profession.

Anton: I am very impressed by the School. I noticed that it is equipped up to the highest standards. I was also impressed by the fact that BHOS applies the system developed by the Heriott-Watt University. Graduates from the Baku Higher Oil School are specialists required by oil and gas companies all over the world.

Evelina: We were pleasantly surprised by the dimensions of your new campus. It is a modern, bright, well-equipped and comfortable building. The view of working pumpjacks from the lecture halls’ windows is really unusual. At the same time, it so wonderful to study oil and gas engineering and observe the process with your own eyes!


What can you say about the students of Baku Higher Oil School?

Evelina: They are very good and they know a lot about their future profession. It is them who made our visit so special and memorable. They managed to show and tell us about the city and the country in such a way that we also grew to like Baku and Azerbaijan. Thanks to all, especially to Fidan, Riad, Fahmin and Ramil!

Anton: We were delighted to meet the BHOS students. They demonstrated good knowledge of the subjects at the technical presentations session; we were pleasantly surprised by their reports. When we had free hours, they devoted their time to us to show around the city.  I shall admit that warm hospitality towards the students of the Gubkin University is exemplary.

Sophia: BHOS students are friendly and intelligent young people with good knowledge of English. They also have deep knowledge of the culture and history of their country, and I would say that they are best representatives of the Azerbaijani Youth.

Dmitry: The students are professionals and, at the same time, they are very hospitable. It was a pleasure to meet them.


For all of you it was the first visit to Baku. What would you remember most of all? What impressions do you leave with?

Evelina: Indeed, it is my very first visit to Baku, but, as I hope, there will be more! I will always remember Azerbaijani people, kind and hospitable. I will also remember the old city with its narrow streets and ancient atmosphere. Of course, I will never forget the Heydar Aliyev Centre. It is a very beautiful construction with impressive architecture, size and design. We leave with fond memories and with very tasty pomegranates. I very much hope to come here once again!

Sophia: Frankly, I do not know where to start from. Baku is a very beautiful city! It is unique in a sense that it combines the West and the East and the ancient history and modern buildings. The city’s splendid parks and fountains, houses of the sandy color and marble pedestrian undercrossings make it warm and nice even in rainy and windy day. In general, I do not like to see modern buildings next to old houses, but they are located ideally in Baku. The old buildings reminded me of the sand, while the modern ones were associated in my mind with the sea and the sky. The interior of Baku buildings are equally beautiful. I will never forget the elegant and splendid beauty of the Taghiyev’s home which is a History Museum now. I also liked the design of the Opera and Ballet Theatre. I will surely remember Azerbaijani dishes and sweets. However, I was most impressed by the people and by their cordiality. It is them who make Baku a nice place to visit.

Anton: Azerbaijan is a wonderful country which cannot be described by mere words. It is absolutely necessary to visit the country and see everything with one’s own eyes. I would like to come back soon to see the country and meet Azerbaijani people again.