Presidential scholar at BHOS: My biggest dream is to become a famous engineer

Every facility in the oil and gas industry is looking for young taIented specialists. Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) is a leader among Azerbaijani higher schools preparing such specialists. Today we publish an interview with Mustafa Aghayev, a first-year student specializing in Process Automation Engineering who is a holder of the Presidential Scholarship.


 - Mustafa, tell a little bit about yourself. Where were you born and where did you grow up?

- I was born in 1999 году in the village of Garavelly of Agjabedi district. In 2005, I entered a lyceum school N70 located in the Nizami district in Baku. In 2007-2010, I studied in the city secondary school N64 and then entered school N250. In 2014, I had to return to my native village for family reasons, where I graduated from the school and received secondary school certificate. At the entrance examination to the Baku Higher School, I gained 699 points and was admitted to BHOS. Now I am a Presidential Scholar.


 - Why have you chosen BHOS?

- I have chosen this higher school, because I was always interested in engineering. In addition, BHOS is one of the most prestigious higher education facilities in Azerbaijan, and many young people want to become its students. The teachers are highly qualified professionals who give us excellent education.  


 - The entrance exams are now in the past, and you started your student life. What were your feelings at the beginning?  

- There is no doubts that every moment in the life is beautiful and unique! I keep pleasant memories about the time when I was applying to BHOS. As all other applicants, I was dreaming about becoming a student. Despite certain problems and obstacles, I managed to overcome them and enter one of the best higher schools in the country.


 - What is your dearest dream? What do you strive for in your life?

- My dearest dream is to become a prominent Azerbaijani engineer and be of service to my country and my family. I am confident that I will accomplish my goals.


- What do you know about your future profession?

- I selected the Process Automation Engineering specialty and my profession will be connected to IT technologies. Every company or organization tries to find solutions for better management of their business in order to ramp up production and increase revenue while cutting down expenditures. These are exactly the issues, which Process Automation Engineer is dealing with. 


 - What do you do in your study-free time?

- I like learning new things, so I read a lot in my free time. It may be fiction or specialized literature. I also like crime stories very much. And when I would like to relax and watch TV, I prefer to watch comedies.