Azerkimya PA announced the results of the competition

On 14th September, in the auditorium of the PA "Azerikimya" held a meeting with students returning from summer internship practices implemented in the Turkish company "Petkim Petrochemical Holding". Opening the meeting, the Deputy Executive Director of "Azerikimya" on staff, regime and information technologies Khalig Mustafayev noted that the establishment of close contacts with universities that train personnel for the oil and chemical industry, creating favorable conditions for student summer internship is a training activities frame software and become a tradition over the past few years.


This year, carried out jointly with the Department of Human Resources in the framework of the project "The program of summer practice," with the support of the Union of the country's leading institutions of higher education - the Faculty of Chemistry, students and faculty of chemical engineering at the Baku Higher Oil School, Baku branch of Moscow State University, Azerbaijan State University of Oil and İndustry and Sumgait State University, first of all raised their level of practical knowledge for 10 days at various manufacturing plants at Ethylene-polyethylene plant.


Having a primary adaptation in the application of their chosen professions and students have enriched their theoretical knowledge with practice. Then, during the month of continued internship practice in Izmir, one of the most influential companies in the world  at "Petkim Petrochemical Holding".


It was noted that there was a contest for providing students for the best rationalizated proposals.


The goal was to select a prospective employee among students to the PA, and along with this, to familiarize students with the chemical industry, to increase their interest in this area. 


At the meeting 4 students who have won the competition on the topic "Evaluation of the best innovations and ideas in production" - Kamran Aliyev (Baku Higher Oil School, bachelor, IV year Chemical Engineering student - I place - the idea of ​​"an alternative way to improve the process of naphtha pyrolysis at 650°C temperature in the presence of a catalyst"), Gasimov Ali (Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, III year student Chemical Engineering - II place), Aysel Huseynova (Sumgait State University, Bachelor's, III course Chemical Engineering - III place) and Jamila Zabirova (Moscow State University Baku branch of Lomonosov, master, II year student, Chemistry - IV place were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts by the Guide of “Azerikimya”.