One goal of three brothers – BHOS

Rashad Nazaraliyev is studying in petroleum engineering specialization programme at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). He is four-year student. Rashad scored 677 points before his admittance to the higher school. During recent entrance examination his two brothers – Nurlan Nazaraliyev and Ravan Nazaraliyev have scored 685 and 700 points respectively. Both students have already made their minds, that is, they selected process automation specialization of BHOS. It was their goal. We talked to all three. Brothers spent schools years at the secondary school 5 of Khirdalan town. The first question we addressed to twins:

As secondary school students what courses attracted you most of all?


Nurlan Nazaraliyev:

I studied all courses at school giving preference to math. Math was taught very well at our school. My mother is a math teacher. We also studied literature, history.


Ravan Nazaraliyev:

We studied with my brother at the same school. We were advanced students, showing more interest to math however being good at all courses.


Of course you were happy for scoring high points. Is your brother happy likewise?


Rashad Nazaraliyev:

I was on Chilov island taking internship there when I learned the news. As you know every summer BHOS students take internship at various enterprises. This year I went to Chilov. I was told that information was available relating to my brothers, both of them scored high points. I was very happy.


Ravan Nazaraliyev:

We learned about our high scoring after checking the answers. We were so happy, especially my mother and grandfather.


Nurlan Nazaraliyev:

Of course we were happy. My brother scored 700, my points were a bit lower, 685.



Why did you select BHOS and this specialization?

Both brothers answered this question:

Mr. Gasimov, BHOS Rector, helped us in making our choice. He introduced several students studying process automation engineering specialization to us and students gave us necessary information about mentioned specialization. It arose the interest in us.



Actually, since childhood they were interested in computers. Therefore, family advised them to select process automation engineering.


Ravan Nazaraliyev:

When my brother Rashad was admitted to BHOS with 677 points to study the petroleum engineering specialization we also decided to select this higher school. Rashad always told us about discipline, lecturers’ competence and approachability ensured by BHOS management. BHOS organizes monthly visit to opera and drama theaters. In addition, BHOS management frequently organizes meetings with SOCAR management and management of other transnational companies. This attracts us immensely.


Nurlan Nazaraliyev:

Instruction language at BHOS is English. Education is at high level. Graduates will land a job. As all BHOS students are highly scoring ones, the students’ staff is of high level. We always desired to study together with such students.


Do you believe in you further success?


Nurlan Nazaraliyev:

We are convinced we would turn to be the youth greatly contributing in development of our country.


Ravan Nazaraliyev:

I am convinced that being BHOS students will help us to become prominent personalities, which is necessary for country’s development.


In conclusion, Nurlan and Ravan expressed their thankfulness to their parents, teachers, primary school teacher, supervising teacher, math teacher, physics teacher, chemistry teacher, teacher who taught them Azerbaijani language and literature and English language teacher.