Prospective student scoring 690 points: Progress is possible at BHOS

Reyhana Karimli scored 690 points during the entrance examination for the first specialization group. Selecting process automation engineering specialization of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), she wants to study at the said higher educational institution. Reyhana was born in 1998 in Sabirabad. As she lived in Belarus with her family Reyhana spent 2 years of primary school there. Starting from the third grade she studied at school N272 named after Etibar Jalilov situated in Nizami district of Baku. Reyhana was always advanced student. For excellent performance during third and fourth grades she was awarded the honorary certificate. Being nine grade student she received distinction certificate. Between third and eight grades Reyhana attended the art school named after Suleyman Alasqarov situated in Khatai district of Baku. She takes interest in sculpturing.


Reyhana what was your first sculpture you ever made?

I made the sculpture of the photo image shown on the book ‘Geometry’ by Nasraddin Tusi. It was my first sculpture. Before I carved small animals, for example, sculptures of small cats. It is my hobby. I also like drawing sketches with pencil. I draw still life. I also attended music lessons.


How did you start taking interest in technical science?

I was fond of technical courses especially math. I studied literature at the secondary school, I take great interest in foreign language however I prefer math most of all. I have selected process automation engineering specialization as I am interested in computers, I want to be a software specialist.


Did you believe you would score high points and select BHOS?

I was sure I would score high points during examination. My goal was to score 700. It is true that I did not score 700, however, I am happy that I scored high. I promised my father and I promised myself. Everyone expected high points from me. My teachers’ endeavors spurred my achievement. I truly thank my teachers.  I realize that studying at BHOS is not easy, however, I will do my best.


Where do you see yourself in future and what sort of specialist do you want to be?

I do think about either continuation my education in the scientific field or working as a professional. BHOS is able to render its support to my growing as a specialist. BHOS greatly values students. I attended the open day recently held here and more time I was assured of the rightfulness of my decision. Progress is possible at BHOS. Taking the opportunity I would like to thank BHOS management and staff members for the feeling of welcome we had.


What would you like to say to the prospective students?

I think all courses should be studied carefully. It is not right to say “I am tired”. One should study really hard for the sake of great achievement. One should get the strength and study again. Of course, you should spend your leisure with family, doing outdoor activities is also very good.