BHOS students take part in swimming trainings

BHOS Rector acquaints himself with foundations of swimming

 training process

The training on the foundations of swimming is organized at the Offshore Health and Safety Centre of the SOCAR Education, Training and Certification Department (ETCD) for Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) freshmen studying Chemical, Petroleum and Process Automation Engineering. A total of 117 BHOS students will take part in the training which will last from Jul. 4 to Jul.20.


The BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov visited the Centre and got acquainted with the training process speaking to the students about their impressions, as well as met with Fuad Suleymanov, Head of ETCD, and the supervisors and trainers.   They discussed the training process and potential challenges students might encounter, while providing them with relevant recommendations and guidelines.  In quite an informal atmosphere, the Rector spoke about the favorable opportunities and conditions provided to students and called them to effectively use their time during the training. Underlining the high quality of the training offered at the Centre meeting the requirements of international standards the Rector expressed his strong belief that these kinds of activities would facilitate students to develop as highly qualified specialists in future. He wished them success and thanked the management and trainers for all their efforts and hard work. 


It should be noted that during the training students are trained on the swimming theory, breathing exercises and techniques, diving, various floating methods, swimming techniques, safety equipment and individual safety devices user guidelines, survival, first aid, speedy swimming, etc. by experienced staff of the Centre. 


This type of information on occupational health and safety, accident prevention and first aid will help the students to learn about comprehensive safety arrangements and prepare for potential dangerous situations. Upon completion of the training, the successful students will be awarded international level certificates.