BHOS student realized the project on human capital derived from oil capital

   January 24-28, 2016 the project on human capital derived from oil capital referred to the 7th grant contest of the Youth Foundation under the President of Azerbaijan Republic won by BHOS third year student studying in petroleum engineering programme Ravan Adilov was realized. In frames of the project in the course of 5-day workshop youth representatives who were the winners of SOCAR scholarship programme and state programme on education of Azerbaijani youth abroad envisaged for 2007-2015 years made presentations for 30 students.


The first workshop was held by Tebriz Ammayev, the graduate of UK Bristol University and specialist of SOCAR head office. He gave detailed information about remarkable events that ever occurred in oil industry and SOCAR activities.


Aslan Maharramli, graduate of Amsterdam University, Netherlands, and the specialist of SOCAR marketing and economic operations department provided economic and oil marketing related information during the second workshop.


Kamal Guliyev, graduate of IFP Oil School, France, and business analyst of SOCAR UPSTREAM Management International MMC spoke about Azeri Chiraq Guneshli oil deposit and agreements concerning oil industry on the third day. Senan Eminov, graduate of London Imperial College, UK, and senior lecturer at BHOS chemical engineering department talked about alternative energy.


The presentation of Fuad Hasanov, graduate of IFP Oil School, France, and layer engineer at SOCAR petroleum related scientific research project institute was dedicated to the stages of layer development on the last day of the workshop.


In conclusion of the workshop all participants of the event extended their gratitude to BHOS, Azerbaijan Youth Foundation and project leader Ravan Adilov for organization of the meeting. Then the certificates were presented to the participants. It should be noted that the workshop was conducted in English language.