UK lecturers invigilate examinations at Baku Higher Oil School

   BHOS undergraduate students majoring in Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering, the programmes jointly implemented with Heriot Watt University, UK, are sitting exams held simultaneously with the ones at HWU Edinburg campus taking into consideration the time difference between Azerbaijan and the UK. This procedure is necessary for preventing the students at BHOS and the  Edinburg campus to exchange information on exam questions using the relevant online tools. 


  The HWU staff including Kevin McCullough, Director of Teaching and Learning, Julian Goodwin Head of Chemical Engineering Teaching Group, Patricia Duncan, Teaching and Learning Manager, Alexander Bell, Associate Director of Studies for Engineering, and Professor Graeme White from School of Engineering and Physical Sciences invigilate the exams where students are supposed to answer the questions which are actually prepared in the UK. 


     BHOS is the only higher educational institution in Azerbaijan where students’ knowledge is assessed by the representatives of foreign university. BHOS second, third and fourth year students majoring in Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering are sitting written exams on following courses: Process Industries, Process Engineering, Chemical Reactivity, Math for Engineers and Scientists 1 and 3, Foundation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Science 3, Drilling, etc.  


    After the exams, the written answers are sent via DHL to Heriot Watt University, Edinburg campus for further marking. This process ensures the transparency and objectivity of assessment.