Foreign students visit liberated regions

Forty foreign students from16 universities in Azerbaijan visited the liberated Fizuli and Jabrayil regions. The visit was jointly organized by the Ministries of Education and Defense and the Baku Youth and Sports Department. Among these students representing 31 countries was a Peruvian citizen Belka Acevedo Lozano, who study at Baku Higher Oil School.


During the trip, the students visited an ancient mosque, a newspaper editorial office, a military unit and an old cemetery in Fizuli region. They also visited the Khudaferin Bridge, a hydroelectric power station, the Friendship Spring, the “Ancient Sycamore Tree” summer cinema in Jabrayil region.


As part of the visit, the students performed national folklore samples. They also unveiled the large state flag of Azerbaijan, chanting the slogan "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”


A special issue of the "Nargis" magazine dedicated to the culture and history of Karabakh was presented to the foreign students in order to inform the world community about the importance of Karabakh for Azerbaijan and the rich cultural heritage of the region.


 At the end, a memorable collective photo was taken, and the students shared their impressions about the visit.