BHOS students awarded certificates from SOCAR-AQŞ

Students of the Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) who successfully completed summer internship at SOCAR-AQŞ were awarded certificates from the company. Speaking at the awarding ceremony, BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov said that such on-the-job training plays an important role in practical usage of knowledge gained by the students at lessons and in their further professional development. He noted that during the internship the students had a rare opportunity to learn first-hand about drilling industry and engineering in Azerbaijan, modern technology and equipment used in the drilling industry, and management, monitoring and inspection systems and processes. Elmar Gasimov expressed his deep gratitude to the SOCAR- AQŞ management for creating favorable conditions for effective internship of the BHOS students.


Speaking at the meeting, SOCAR-AQŞ’s Director General Ramin Isayev reported that he met with the students during their internship and they were informed about details of the program in advance. He also expressed his satisfaction with their enthusiastic and responsible approach to their duties during the two-month on-the-job training and told about their active participation in the group discussions and presentations.


In total, 425 students from Baku universities applied for participation in the summer internship at SOCAR-AQŞ this year. 109 persons were selected for participation in the competition, and only 17 of them received an opportunity to undertake internship at SOCAR-AQŞ. Three of them are BHOS students: two are Chemical Engineering students and one person is Petroleum Engineering student.