Seven third-year and fourth-year students of the Baku Higher Oil School specializing in Petroleum Engineering received certificates and awards from the «SOCAR UPSTREAM Management International LLC» company. The students were awarded for their high-level theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which they demonstrated during their internship at the said company in the summer this year.


In his introductory speech, BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov said that as part of cooperation with many international companies including SOCAR and its enterprises BHOS students are sent to various companies to obtain practical skills. He said that at BHOS the students acquire deep theoretical knowledge under supervision of the higher-education teaching personnel who train them to help become high-qualified English speaking specialists.


Speaking about importance of acquiring practical skills and knowledge in companies, Elmar Gasimov expressed his gratitude to management of «SOCAR UPSTREAM Management International LLC» and his satisfaction with the conditions created by the companies for students’ successful paid and unpaid internship. Having emphasized that work in the oil and gas industry is not only challenging and involving efforts, but also important and honorable, Rector Elmar Gasimov expressed his confidence that BHOS graduates would always follow this way.


Speaking at the gathering, SOCAR’s Vice President, Executive Director of the «SOCAR UPSTREAM Management International LLC» company Yashar Latifov said that BHOS is one of the most prestigious higher educational institutions in our country. As he informed, BHOS students showed a model behavior and a great interest to their future profession during the internship.


It is to be recalled that SOCAR’s Vice President, Executive Director of the «SOCAR UPSTREAM Management International LLC» company Yashar Latifov and Rector of the Baku Higher Oil School Elmar Gasimov signed a cooperation agreement on 1 June this year. Under the agreement, the company specialists approved study programs, which made provision for conducting workshops and specialized training courses for students. The program is aimed at training of the students, acquiring teaching experience, creating employment opportunities for BHOS graduates, BHOS students’ participation in the summer internship programs at the company and its enterprises and increasing level of their competence.