17 Winners of the Presidential Scholarship of BHOS

Seventeen students out of newly admitted ones to Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), being the first higher school in the ranking table of universities of Azerbaijan for the academic year 2016/2017, with 685-700 points have been announced the winners of the Presidential scholarship. In general, from 25 students admitted to the higher schools this year and those who won the Presidential scholarship 17 ones selected BHOS again.       



Baku Higher Oil School


ADA University


Baku State University


Caucasus University


Azerbaijan State Economy University


Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry


Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction



It should be underscored that in academic year 2016/2017 11 students from ADA university, 10 students from Baku State University, 9 student from Caucasus University, 6 students from Baku State Economy University, 2 students from Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, one student from Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University became the winners of the Presidential scholarship.


          The average point of BHOS related to the admittance to the higher schools in academic year 2016/2017 was 667 points, maximum outcome made up 700 points. Two students who scored 700 points during the examination held for admittance to the higher schools for the first specialization group selected BHOS.


Here is the list of students who were admitted to BHOS in the academic year 2016/2017 and who became the winners of the Presidential scholarship:

1.       Sultanli Nadir                 Process Automation Engineering - 700

2.       Nazaraliyev Ravan                   Process Automation Engineering - 700

3.       Abdinli       Fatima        Chemical Engineering - 695

4.       Mammadov Omar            Process Automation Engineering - 695

5.       Huseynov   Ramil            Process Automation Engineering - 695

6.       Gurbanli     Zaur      Process Automation Engineering - 690

7.       Ahmadova  Nigar     Process Automation Engineering - 690

8.       Muradov Jamal          Process Automation Engineering - 690

9.       Gadimli       Roya    Chemical Engineering - 690

10.    Agayev Mustafa        Process Automation Engineering - 690

11.   Karimli Reyhana           Process Automation Engineering - 690

12.   Alizada         Shahlar       Petroleum Engineering  - 686

13.   Hasratli Parviz                Petroleum Engineering  - 685

14.    Hamidli Aysu       Process Automation Engineering - 685

15.     Abbasov Ashraf  Process Automation Engineering - 685

16.     Aslanli Elchin Process Automation Engineering - 685

17.     Nazaraliyev Nurlan Process Automation Engineering - 685