We will be proud of our graduates, believes teacher of BHOS

       Public Relations Department of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) continues its project entitled “I am teaching at BHOS”. Today associated professor of BHOS Petroleum Engineering department Svetlana Azimova is answering interview questions.


          – First question is a traditional one. Why have you chosen the teacher profession?

          – I liked teaching others since my school years. There was always a group of my schoolmates whom I was helping with mathematics, physics and English language assignments. It is a great feeling to realize that you can help others, to make them to learn and understand something they did not know before. I still remember those emotions. With age, I have also become confident that I can influence young people’s intellectual development, and this conditioned my choice to be a teacher at the Higher Oil School.


           –   Please tell about yourself. Where did you study? How did you start your career?  

           – My interests were very diverse and varied from music, which I studied for 11 years, to theoretical physics, which I studied at university. I also obtained my qualification of a teacher at the university. But after graduation I dedicated my life to scientific research and worked at the Institute of oil and gas field development of the National Academy of Sciences. I conducted many research studies and obtained my Ph.D. degree in Moscow. Then I decided to shift my attention to industry and joined BP company in Azerbaijan. I worked there for 15 years, but finally I realized that I wanted to teach, to do what I was always inclined to do.


           – Every student has his or her favorite teacher. Who was your favorite teacher when you were a student?

           – I chose not to enter conservatory as everyone in my family expected, but study physics and mathematics instead. I did so because of Nikolay Shishkin, the physics teacher at my school. He was a unique, kind and wonderful person, and with good sense of humor. I still remember him as well as I remember Abdullayev, our mechanics teacher at the university. He was one of those persons whom Zeynalabdin Taghiyev sent to study in Germany. He was a true erudite and intellectual, very well educated person who spoke several foreign languages. Unfortunately, we knew him for a very short period of time, as he passed away in two months after we entered the university. Nevertheless, he managed to stay in our memory for many years.


            – Please tell us about your students. Who they are? How do you see their future?

            – I like those students who have passion for learning. Their essential skills include English proficiency and computer literacy, and they read a lot. Out students are very active and have many interests. I believe that if they try hard, they will succeed in their profession. I also believe in their bright future and in that they will be best of the best in our country. There are many such students at BHOS. At the same time, there are young people, albeit a few, who do not care about studying; they think about marks more than about knowledge. I hope that there will be fewer such students in the future, and more students like those I talked about earlier.


            – How do you envision the Baku Higher Oil School in ten years?

            – The Higher School has achieved a lot, and this year we shall bid farewell to our first graduates. I am very impressed by the BHOS management’s attention to their future career and professional growth. I believe that reputation and prestige of the Baku Higher Oil School will grow with time and we will be proud of our excellent graduates. I think that BHOS will become an attractive higher educational institution not only for Azerbaijani youth, but also for young people from foreign countries.


            – What do you do in your leisure time?

            – I dedicate my free time to my family, to reading and travelling.


            – What would you wish the first graduates of the Baku Higher Oil School?

            – We need to make sure that title of Baku Higher Oil School graduates will be equal to the notion of highly educated and successful professionals in their field of expertise, who are true intelligent persons and patriots of their homeland. I am confident that our students have the potential for that. I had a chance to listen to them at a recent meeting and I was pleasantly impressed by maturity of their views and thoughts. I wish them to have a very successful way of life!