Roya Gadimli scoring 690 points: Oil extraction was my childhood dream

Roya Gadimli is one more prospective student who scored high points during the entrance examination on the first specialization group and selected Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). Scoring 690 points she selected chemical engineering specialization of BHOS. Roya was born in 1988 in Garadagli village of Agdash region.  She studied at the primary school of her native village. From 5th to 11th grade Roya studied at technical, humanitarian and nature oriented high school named after Maqsud Sheykhzade. Roya demonstrated distinctive performance during secondary school years.


As she said herself she took greater interest in technical sciences especially physics and math…

Since my school years, I took special interest in math and physics. My elder brother also liked these courses so that I started taking interest in them too. Thanks to my brother, I mainly took interest in physics. I grew up together with my brother. We like science. Since my childhood, I wanted to become petroleum engineer however I select chemistry. I like petroleum engineering as my uncle works offshore, he is a captain. As I love my uncle, I love sea and this field is not strange for me.


And wouldn’t you be scared of sea storms?

No, I would not. Persistence demands courage. I do not regard myself a weak sort of person. Currently I regard myself as a future chemical engineer, despite my promise I gave being seventh grade student to become petroleum engineer.


Did you have any interest in humanitarian sciences?

I am fond of literature. I like detective stories. Chingiz Abdullayev’s works are very attractive for me. I read many his works.  I also like detective stories by Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. 


It was your dream to study at BHOS…

Since the day of its foundation I thought about studying at BHOS. For its reputation, leading place in ranking table and education offered there I selected BHOS. Students’ success, organization of internship at high level, atmosphere, high level education offered there stimulated me to select BHOS. However, I know that it would not be easy to study at BHOS, therefore I will exert all my efforts. I am aware that English is taught here during the first year. I will certainly improve my English, I trust myself. 


Where do you see yourself in future as a specialist in the field of chemistry?

Oil extraction was my childhood dream that is why I wanted to be petroleum engineer. I select chemical engineering specialization now. In future, I will work at oil refinery, studying oil composition.