High scoring prospective student who selected BHOS: I was particularly glad for the joy of my father

Omar Mammadov was born in Baku in 1999. Up to 5th grade, Omar studied at the secondary school 32 and his 6th grade he started at the lyceum named after Haydar Aliyev. For excellent performance as 9th grade student Omar was awarded the certificate. Having scored 695 points following the entrance examination connected with the first specialization group and selecting process automation specialization of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) Omar Mammadov intends to be a student of the mentioned higher educational institution. It has always been his longtime wish.


Omar, first of all congratulations. What courses most of all arose your interest at the secondary school?

I was keen on math. Perhaps it can be explained by the fact that my grandfather was a math teacher. Generally speaking, I grew up with teachers who surrounded me. My grandmother was a biology teacher. Despite my keen interest in technical sciences, I was also fond of history.


How was the examination preparation stage?

During preparation for examination, I tried to get a deeper comprehension of the related courses. I was studying from morning till night, but I was not involved solely in preparation process. I made a schedule for myself however mostly aiming at scoring high points. One month prior to the examination date, I even slowed down. In June, I studied a lot.


Certainly, examination day brought some anxiety.

To the contrary, I felt no anxiety. I believed I would score 700 points, however I scored 695. I think I did not score sufficiently on Azerbaijani language. In this connection when I was leaving examination hall I was convinced that I would score high points. My father was anxious about possibility of making mistake while coding on my part and he was the first who learned about my scoring 695 points. I was particularly glad for manifested results and for the joy of my father.


Why did you select BHOS?

I did it even being 11th grade student I was preparing to be the student of this very institution. It was my own choice. I did it because of high level of education offered by BHOS and for my future job opportunity. As required scores are high there I would like to enter knowledge competition with my intelligent peers. On the other hand having English as instruction language would enable us to land a job abroad. I would be happy to be Azerbaijani specialist working abroad.


Do you believe in your becoming professional?

I believe that it would be possible only at BHOS. I do want to be a good specialist so that whenever being asked abroad “Where are you from?”, I would be proud to answer “from Azerbaijan”. I also want to play an important role as the specialist from Azerbaijani in the field of process automation engineering. I would dedicate all my potential to this direction.