BHOS students take internship at Neft Dashlari

Twenty five BHOS 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Petroleum Engineering students are taking internship at Neft Dashlari (Oil Rocks) Oil & Gas Extraction Department (OGED) of Azneft Production Union.


Within the frames of the internship programme, Gochali Mahmudov, Head of OGED, Zeynal Abdullayev, Deputy Head on Social Issues, Zabit Ahmadov, Head of Gas Production and Transportation Department and other employees met with the students and talked about the available conditions underlining the significance of the practical knowledge for their future career. Also, the students were instructed on the platform wells and HSE regulations.


According to the programme regulations, the engineers are familiarizing BHOS 2nd year students with offshore drilling, field exploration, processing and export operations realized at Neft Dashlari, as well as oil extraction and modern processing technologies.


As for the BHOS sophomore and junior students, they are taking internship at № 1887 permanent offshore rig which is one of the biggest ones in Azerbaijan. A temporary working agreement is concluded with every internee who is hired as an engineer or an operator who upon completion of the internship is being paid for the work based on the functions he/she has fulfilled. Thus, a student taking internship at Neft Dashlari as an employee is becoming a specialist with a specific work experience. The students are fulfilling the assigned duties under the supervision of experienced employees.


Moreover, students are accommodated at special dormitories and after 8-9-hour work usually spend their leisure playing volleyball, football, table tennis, billiard, etc. Upon completion of the internship programme, the students will be brought back on helicopters.


It is worth to underline that the internship opportunities provided for students by BHOS supports enrichment of their academic knowledge facilitating their development  as highly qualified potential specialists with the abilities to further compete in the global labor market.